Growing up in Seattle, Washington, I used the majority of my time creating objects and images with everything and anything I could get my hands on. Vacations were spent at our cabin in the North Cascades, exploring the rivers and forest. As a girl I found myself collecting bits and pieces of the world around me; stones, shells, sticks and moss from the magical woods, as well as found treasures and trinkets from the mysterious city. My desire to turn these keepsakes into wearable mementos led me into the world of jewelry making.

After completing a B.F.A. degree in studio arts from Western Washington University I began integrating my studio skills with my passion for creating wearable art; and Localmotive Jewelry was born. I continue to be motivated by the idea that finding interesting and meaningful ways to adorn oneself is an important part of life.

Fiona Shearer Laws

I design all of my pieces and carefully created each one from start to finish in my home studio located in the Pacific Northwest.

I use only genuine, undyed gemstones in my work. All metals used are either solid sterling silver or high quality 14 karat gold filled.

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